The 2016 Pomilio Blumm Prize Next Artists winners

On Tuesday, 8 March at Pescara’s Aurum, the winners of the 2016 Pomilio Blumm Prize Next Artists have been announced. The contest is addressed to young talents from Italian, European and Mediterranean art schools and is promoted by the agency Pomilio Blumm. Among the 179 competing works, the jury selected and awarded the most original interpretations of the prize theme: the rhinoceros.

The absolute winner was Badi Assaf from the Liceo Artistico Dossi of Ferrara with his work “Continuità” (Continuity) «for its ability to interpret the centuries-old appeal of a long-lasting history». Irene Breda (IIS Olivieri, Brescia) was proclaimed European winner with “L’animale sfaccettato”, (The multifaceted animal), a kaleidoscopic prism made of luminous perspectives «giving the artwork depth, solidity and agility at the same time». The third prize was awarded to Ilaria Duregon (Liceo Artistico Misticoni, Pescara) – Italian winner – thanks to the minimalist installation of iron and light titled “Rinoceronte a molla” (Spring-loaded rhinoceros) which was able to «grasp the inner essence of the rhino, in constant becoming». A prize was awarded also to the work of Martina Grosso from Liceo Artistico of Torino: the “Most Liked Award” for the online most voted artwork.

The absolute winner will receive 500 Euros and the opportunity to see his work exhibited in Brussels, on the occasion of the 2016 Pomilio Blumm Prize Art in Progress, while the other two winners will get 250 Euros. For all of them, the opportunity to make a one-week internship at the agency Pomilio Blumm, promoter of the event.

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