Research Centre

In the age of sharing and crowdsourcing, also research becomes horizontal and distributed. Going beyond the traditional models of investigation and study, Blumm Academy Research acts as a dynamic platform, an open and “liquid” place to share, compare and build new models of understanding the social reality, searching for appropriate tools to fully decode the ever-changing context where we live and work.

With the great ongoing changes, the rise of the figure of the citizen-consumer and the growth of the participatory relationship between civil society and institutions, the challenge is in fact to identify new operational standards and methodologies able to us give back this growing complexity of scenarios.
Therefore, not a research centre but rather a hub or a super-hub for the collection, production and recovery of ideas, suggestions, innovative research, made to communicate and actively interact with other centres producing knowledge.
Blumm Academy, former educational laboratory, a sort of “professional training ground” to improve the work of its participants has thus become a source of exclusive information and data capable of designing and building ad hoc surveys according to the different needs of public and institutional communication.
This evolution is not a mere accessory but the inevitable response to a specific and compelling need: to fully understand the ever-changing relationship between institutions and society.