Method Lablive Communication

Communicators are not born. They are made in the field.

Strengthened by this certainty, we have created Blumm Academy Lablive, a “professional training ground” for those who want to touch first-hand what it means to “make communication” and turn their creative talent into a quantifiable skill that may be used from a training and curriculum point of view.
Blumm Academy Lablive is not a school, nor a structure of traditional training, but a dynamic living laboratory of case studies and real-world projects, which creates competence through experience, with fast and effective approach, never preordained and always tailored according to the situations.
Design, publishing, media relations, copywriting and event organization are some of the areas of specialization in which Blumm Academy runs courses and seminars, ranging from theory to practice in order to spread and strengthen the new culture of communication.
Several training courses for a single learning model, firmly founded on the notion of “integrated project”, a true centre of gravity around which make up the different specializations.


80 Professionals. The courses will be held by a wide range of professionals who will introduce participants in the world of communication.

Participants will work closely with the agency’s professionals who will involve them in the management of projects for major clients.
Each participant will have the opportunity to experience the work “live” by going through all the stages that make up the daily life of a communication agency: from the operational meetings to brainstorm, from meetings with clients to problem solving, business planning, briefing and much more.
With Blumm Academy professional training meets business, professionals become professors and practice refines theory. One single object: to make creative enterprise.